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Private Medical-Ecological Firm "Faron"
Tibetan Medicine

Doctor of the Tibetan medicine
Dmitriy Ivanovich Simonenko

The state license of the Ukrainian association of public medicine No. 2619/040199

Lermontovskiy lane 2, building 5, of. 9
Odessa 65014, Ukraine
Account No 2604312934
MFO 328209 in "Pivdenniy" Bank
Tel: +380 (48) 731-42-47
Fax: +380 (482) 42-90-57
E-mail: dsimonenko@hotmail.com
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Medical-ecological firm "Faron", on the basis of school of Tibetan Medicine about through knowledge of human organism, has created an exclusive method of complete during different virus diseases, including AIDS.

Exclusiveness of the approach to the treatment - it is non-use of antibiotics.

The methods of treatment include:

    • bioenergy-informational therapy;
    • tibetan psychotechnics;
    • psychotherapy;
    • balneotherapy;
    • real natural ingredients (herbs, precious metals, precious stones etc);
    • diet therapy;
    • constant controlling of patient's status (objective and subjective one), laboratory tests on different levels (cell, molecular, genetic).

Treatment is carried out in two stages with 3-mounth break.

The duration of the first stage fluctuates from 45 to 75 days; of the second stage - 30 days.

The results achieved in recovering from virus diseases are confirmation of correct - ness of the approach to their treatment.

The firm has available diagnostic center and hospital facilities of 1500 beds.

Please contact us by phone, e-mail or fax.

The recovery is guaranteed!

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